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Why I Choose Beautycounter for Personal Care Products

Beauty Should be Good for You

With so many passion points in my little online space, I wanted to make sure I took a minute to help my readers understand why I started with Beautycounter, and why I continue to choose this incredible company for my personal care products.

Beauty Should be Good for You

My Vow to Christian

When Christian and I got married, we decided to write our own vows. I know, some people are opposed to the bucking of tradition, but it felt important to us to be able to make personal vows to each other that would really speak to the heart of who we are as individuals and as a couple.

As I crafted my vow, one line came to me that I hesitated even to include because it was so unconventional. I wanted to vow to keep my physical body as healthy as possible so that I could run and play and be fully present with him and our future family.

At the time of writing my vows, my health had definitely fallen by the wayside. Doing gymnastics all my life, I was always generally pretty fit. But, after finishing high school, I realized that I never really had been trained to stay healthy as a discipline, only having really maintained my health so I could do fun things like flip over a four-inch wide balance beam.

In college, I ate what I wanted, rarely exercised, sustained myself on caffeine and late-nights with our ministry, and just did not treat my body well. I ran purely on my youth for a while, but I eventually gave out and just before meeting Christian, I wound up having a recurring sinus infection that stuck around for almost a year along with other significant health hiccups.

By the time Christian and I were getting married, I was certainly cleaning up my act. Most of our dating relationship had included my journey of finding health again, and I knew it was so important to him that I stay healthy. As I pondered marriage to him and the vows I was making, I knew that I needed to vow to him that I would commit to the inconvenience of working out, eating well, and overall considering my health day in and day out so that I could do my best to stick around to fulfill all of the other vows I was making.

What I've learned about the industry

As I dug into what it truly meant to “be healthy,” I realized that the vow I made to Christian was a lot more of a holistic vow than just deciding to exercise regularly and eat relatively-healthy foods. The tipping point for me was learning that my skin was my largest organ and that anything I put onto my skin was able to end up in my bloodstream and affect my susceptibility to cancer as well as my overall hormone and endocrine health.

So, I began shopping a little bit differently. I looked into products that were “paraben-free,” and had the natural-colored packaging that signaled it was clearly healthy for me…. Except I eventually learned that it wasn’t. I then learned that the personal care industry is all but unregulated in this country, not having had a personal care safety act passed since 1938! The billion dollar personal care industry is only regulated by a page and a half of legislation that was passed before the majority of American homes had a television.

This means that American consumers are slathering their skin with potentially harmful and proven-to-be harmful ingredients every single day without knowing it. Things like fragrance, parabens, phthalates, triclosan, and other ingredients have been shown to be linked to endocrine toxicity, allergic reactions, and cancer development. Unfortunately, however, due to the lack of regulation, no governmental entity in our country has the power to restrict use of these ingredients in our personal care products.

The Beautycounter difference

At first this all seemed pretty “doom and gloom.” I was so overwhelmed with making choices that I found myself questioning whether it really was sustainable and whether or not it was worth it to really lean into choosing safer products for my family. It was around this time a friend of mine introduced me to Beautycounter, and I truly never looked back.

Beautycounter is a triple threat in terms of strengths as a clean beauty company. First, their transparency is seriously unmatched. To know that I can look at any ingredient in their products, and get information about sourcing and why it’s used gave me so much peace of mind as I bought one product after the other. No more standing in the grocery aisle for an hour scanning with my EWG Clean Living App. I could trust that Beautycounter was disclosing every ingredient they were using rather than hiding behind umbrella labels (like “fragrance”), which took all the guess work out for me. In addition, the list of (originally 1500) now 1800 ingredients that will never end up in Beautycounter products gave me confidence that the products went above and beyond in terms of safety for myself and my family.

Next, the product performance is stellar. Now, let me be honest… I was a drug store personal care shopper before Beautycounter– I had never been known to purchase high end skin care or makeup. But I had tried some of the “clean” brands on the market and was always disappointed at the product performance. It always seemed like my options were to use toxic products or use product that felt like I was using a mixture of water and coconut oil. Ew. But when I tried Beautycounter, I felt like I was using real high end products that were actually going to benefit me. I’ve gotten the same feedback from almost every single of my clients– even the ones who were shopping high end before making the switch to safer.

Finally, Beautycounter’s mission is to get safer products in the hands of everyone. The company and our CEO, Gregg Renfrew, are fierce advocates in the governmental spheres trying to get the US and Canada to catch up to the EU in regards to safety standards. While this doesn’t get my blood pumping in the same way my first two reasons do, it still puts a notch in the category of Beautycounter being a company that cares for their consumers. Unlike other brands, the mission is not just about making money– it’s about changing the industry for good all while providing great products in the meantime.

Overall, I have been nothing but pleased with everything I have ordered from Beautycounter. The peace of mind I have in regards to safety and transparency, combined with the fact that my skin looks the best it’s ever looked despite going through two pregnancies and postpartum periods in the last two years, have won my loyalty!

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